Griffon; Indi; Twiggy

This is a Blog for Dogs. I'd love to talk to you about anything, even controversial topics. I own a 2 year old Australian Cattle Dog named Indi and an Irish Wolfhound named Griffon. We are from the US, but currently live in Naples,Italy. I will follow back anyone and would love to talk about dogs! Also have an equine blog as well. I follow back on it too, just message me for the URL!
Photos are not mine unless otherwise stated

10 days until Twiggy’s specialty

and just in time—I accidentally bought a new camera. Its the same as our old one, but the NEX 7 instead of the 5. and also like 3 years newer lol
Selling my old one is gunna be hard though in such a small community. I’m only selling it for like 300 though. ANYWAY my husband is going to murder me…since i bought it with the card. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT GUYS??? I have my own source of income and I think if I am paying for it, who cares?
ANYWAY I still havent got my lead in the mail :( BUT i have my blazer so thats a plus. Still dont know where I’m staying up north……uhg
Dog shows are stressful, y’all. esp when everything is in a different lingo¬†

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