Griffon; Indi; Twiggy

This is a Blog for Dogs. I'd love to talk to you about anything, even controversial topics. I own a 2 year old Australian Cattle Dog named Indi and an Irish Wolfhound named Griffon. We are from the US, but currently live in Naples,Italy. I will follow back anyone and would love to talk about dogs! Also have an equine blog as well. I follow back on it too, just message me for the URL!
Photos are not mine unless otherwise stated

I pick up Chanel at 11 am tomorrow!!!!!!!

less than 24 hours!!

Vega whippet
photos by heelerandthehound

photos by heelerandthehound

photos by heelerandthehound

photos by heelerandthehound 

Italian Greyhound 
Photos by heelerandthehound

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